Wood, Wands, and Everyday Magic

Hello, and welcome to Greybeard's Wand Shop! Our story starts with a few festivals, magical friends, and a creative woodworking endeavor, wand, knife, tankard, and pendulum artisan! I have been a hobbyist woodworker and carpenter most of my life. I became interested in Native American flute music, and from there decided to make my own wood flutes. Music turned into a genuine cottage business, and from there I branched out (pun intended) to music, art, renaissance, and pagan festivals. A few magic wands, pendulums, and happy customers later, another hobby and interest appeared, magical and divination tools! There are as many unique and inspiring magic wands and pendulums out there as there are magical folk that use them. I endeavor to continue honing my craft while creating magical, beautiful, and fully functional works of art.

I love working with my hands, and feel most fulfilled when I have a creative project to occupy my spare time. Over the years, I have dabbled in many different artistic endeavors, but most enjoy working with wood in all its forms. Whether carving or crafting, nothing else speaks to me like the look, feel and smell of wood. I appreciate the natural beauty and diversity of wood and consider it a most wonderful gift of nature. I am constantly experimenting with wood and other mediums, and learning from them as my craft evolves.

Edward Dougherty, aka 'Greybeard'

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